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==Contact Info==
[[Image:Wangyh.png|thumb|right|Yen-Hsiang Wang]]
* Yen-Hsiang Wang / 王彥襄 / おうげんじょう [http://www.stanford.edu/~wangyh/]
* Stanford University
* yenhsiangwang [AT] stanford [DOT] edu
I work in the [[Smolke Lab]] at Stanford University.
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* PhD candidate in Bioengineering, Stanford University
* MS in Bioengineering, Stanford University, 2011
* BS in Biology, National Taiwan University, 2007
* BS in Electrical Engineering, National Taiwan University, 2007
==Lab experience==
* 2010 ~ now - Prof. Christina SMOLKE [http://openwetware.org/wiki/Christina_Smolke]
* 2008 ~ 2009 - Prof. Fa-Hsuan LIN [http://maki.bme.ntu.edu.tw/index.html]
* 2006 ~ 2007 - Prof. Chen-Ying HUANG
* 2004 ~ 2006 - Prof. Hsiao-Wen CHUNG [http://http://mrilab.org/]
* 2003 Summer - Prof. Min-Huey CHEN [http://dod.ntu.edu.tw/main.php?Page=SN3&KeyID=16993752674728ad526fdfa&Template=teacher01E.php]
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#'''YH Wang'''*, KY Wei* & CS Smolke, 2013. Synthetic Biology: Advancing the Design of Diverse Genetic Systems. Annu. Rev. Chem. Biomol. Eng. Submitted. *These authors contributed equally.
#'''YH Wang''' & CS Smolke, 2012, “Towards a Complete Set of Genetic Arithmetic Operators: Implementing a Modular Differential Biosensor Using RNA Regulators”, 13th International Conference of Systems Biology, Toronto, ON, Canada ''(best poster award)''
#'''YH Wang''' & CS Smolke, 2011, “Implementing differential sensors with synthetic RNA controllers”, Stanford Bio-X Interdisciplinary Initiatives Symposium, Stanford, CA, USA
#FH Lin, T Witzel, WT Chang, WK Tsai, '''YH Wang''', WJ Kuo & J Belliveau, 2010, “K-space reconstruction of magnetic resonance inverse imaging (K-InI) of human visuomotor systems”, NeuroImage (49), pp. 3086-3098
#WJ Kuo, T Sjöström, YP Chen, '''YH Wang''' & CY Huang, 2009, “Intuition and Deliberation: Two Systems for Strategizing in the Brain”, Science (324), no. 5926, pp. 519 – 522
#YY Shih, '''YH Wang''', CW Ko & HW Chung, 2006 “Lateralization of brain function in cognitive music processing of chord versus rhythm”, Proceedings of International Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 13th Annual Meeting, Miami, FL, USA
==Language Proficiency==
* Chinese - Mandarin (native), Taiwanese (intermediate)
* English (professional)
* French (fluent)
* Japanese (intermediate)
==Useful links==
* Elim Biopharm [http://www.elimbio.com/]
* Stanford PAN [http://pan.stanford.edu/]
* Stanford Coursework [https://coursework.stanford.edu/portal/]

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