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PhD candidate

Fourth year graduate student

Web Master

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I'm working on the role of NFIB in Polycythemia Vera. It's known that 90% of the P. Vera patients have a mutation in JAK2 protein, in which the V617 is substituted with a phenylalanine. It has been shown by a former graduate student in the lab that besides JAK2V617, NFIB is significantly upregulated in P. Vera patients. In addition, NFIB is located in close proximity to the JAK2 gene on the 9th chromosome. Therefore, the goal of my project is to identify the role of NFIB in P. Vera, as well as its correlation with JAK2V617F.

I majored in molecular biology at Purdue University, and graduated with honors in 2006. Besides research, I like drawing, yoga, art, exploring new hot spots in Chicago. You can msg/email/facebook me if you have any questions about the lab or the lab website.


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