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Contact Info

[[File:Image:DSC 3661.JPG|thumb|right|Wong Choon Kit Adison]]

  • Wong Choon Kit Adison
  • Post Graduate Researcher in
  1. School of Chemical & Biomedical Engineering, Nanyang Technology University, Singapore
  2. Department of Bioengineering, Imperial College London, United Kingdom

I'm currently pursuing Ph.D in Bioengineering Research under the supervisions of Prof. Matthew Chang (NTU), Prof. Poh Chueh Loo (NTU) and Prof. Richard D. Kitney (IC). Our research interest lies in the field of Synthetic Biology, which aims to engineer micro-organisms with novel biological functions for the betterment of human health, environment and sustainable development. This entails the development of computational toolbox, novel biological parts and high-throughput molecular biology technologies that will facilitate the rational design and construction of synthetic biological systems.

Email me @


  • B. Eng (First Class), Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering, Nanyang Technological University Singapore, 2010

Research interests

  1. Systems & Synthetic Biology
  2. Microbiology
  3. Probiotic Engineering


  • Saeidi N, Wong CK, Lo T, Nguyen HX, Ling H, Leong SSJ, Poh CL, and Chang MW* (2011) Engineering microbes to sense and eradicate Pseudomonas aeruginosa, a human pathogen. Molecular Systems Biology. 7:521. "Featured article" [PubMed: 21847113]

Useful links

  • Chang Lab Facebook Website [1]
  • My Facebook Website [2]