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Owwnotebook icon.pngAKAP250 (scbt) immunoblot cAMP precipitation <html><img src="/images/9/94/Report.png" border="0" /></html> Main project page
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  • Put secondary antibody on blot of cAMP precipitation (after 3x 10 min. wash with blocking buffer)
    • anti-goat 1:5000 in blocking buffer
  • Put primary antibody on blot of AKAP250 co-IP
    • Should have cut both membranes, but will now do RII immunoblot after this one


  • cAMP precipitation immunoblot for AKAP250 using the Santa Cruz C-16 antibody

11072010 cAMP prec AKAP250 Blot.png


  • maybe too much secondary antibody? a bit high background So I am not sure if it is not there (or is)
  • should try the new antibodies