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==Lab Notebook==
==Lab Notebook==
*[[IGEM:PennState/Labbook/Trevor Wiley|<font color="#CCFFFF">Trevor Wiley</font>]]
*[[IGEM:PennState/Labbook/Trevor Wiley]]
==Research interests==
==Research interests==

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Contact Info

  • Trevor Wiley
  • Penn State University, Student
  • 959 Old Boalsburg Road
  • State College, PA, US
  • Email thw5003@psu.edu

I work in Tom Richard's Lab for the 2008 iGEM team.


  • Senior, Undergraduate at Penn State University, Majoring in Chemical Engineering

Lab Notebook

Research interests

  • Interested in chemistry and engineering, excited to graduate next year
  • Run and bike as much the weather allows
  • I only learned about synthetic biology and iGEM at the beginning of this summer so I have a lot of learning ahead

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