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(My current projects)
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==My Notebook==
==My current projects==
#[[/Chip on Chip with SeqA|Chip on Chip with SeqA]]
*This is where I list my projects
#[[/Quantification_of_Methylation_by_Sequencing | Quantification of Methylation by sequencing]]
#[[/Methylation_array| Methylation array]]
*[[/Project_1|Project 1]]
#[[/Multiple_Mutation_Reaction|Multiple Mutation Reaction]]
*[[/Project_2|Project 2]]
#[[/EMSA SeqA|EMSA SeqA]]
#[[/RNA methylation by dam|RNA methylation by Dam]]
#[[/Probability analysis of GATCs in coding regions|Probability analysis of GATCs in coding regions]]
#[[/dnaC2 temperature shift experiment|dnaC2 temperature shift experiment]]
#[[/Notes |Notes]]
#[[/Lab material list |Lab material list]]

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My current projects

  1. Chip on Chip with SeqA
  2. Quantification of Methylation by sequencing
  3. Methylation array
  4. Multiple Mutation Reaction
  5. EMSA SeqA
  6. RNA methylation by Dam
  7. Probability analysis of GATCs in coding regions
  8. dnaC2 temperature shift experiment
  9. Notes
  10. Lab material list