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Tom Hinson

Give us a kiss!

About Me

Date of Birth: 22/09/85
Nationality: British
Hometown: Stamford, Lincs

So, I'm Tom. I'm currently a on year out from my Biochemistry degree at Imperial on a work placement with GlaxoSmithKline. Did want to be a pilot in the RAF but my eyes let me down. But in a way I'm kinda glad because I'm really enjoying my subject, and very glad I did it (to think I once considered Psychology and Computer Science ;) ).

Possibly looking at a career in Research or Industry, but defiantley want to stay in the field. No investment banks for me!

Loadsa money!


I've sold my soul to big business and am working for GSK @ Stevenage for a year paid placement. I'm currently working on Antibody Technology projects as well as the odd Antibody Humanisation. Was offered a placement at Pfizer, in Sandwich, and am having some regrets that I didn't choose that one. Mainly as the area and facilites are all really really nice. Stevenage, on the other hand, is a pile.

Tom's Chopper

iGEM 2006

So I was in the Imperial iGEM 2006 team, designing and building a Biological Oscilator. It never got finished but we won second prize anyway. Obviously all those hours Jimmy spent on MatLab models was time well spent! Unfortunatley we didn't get any prize money, so I don't think I'll be able to afford a helicopter anytime soon.

Upcomming Projects

After my placement with GSK has finished I've been offered a posistion as a visiting worker at Imperial to do some of my own research in the month I have off between end of placement and the start of my final year. Hopefully will get some good results!


  • Imperial College London (2004-Present)
    • BSc Biochemistry with a Year in Industry
  • Stamford School (1997-2004)
    • A-Levels
      • Biology, Chemistry, Maths
    • GCSEs
      • Maths, English Lit, Enlgish Lang, Dual Science, French, Geography, History, Latin
  • St. Gilbert's Primary School (1994-1997)
    • Achievements
      • Finger painting, pasta models, excessive use of glitter


  • If you can stand the mess, come visit me in halls!
Room 217
Fisher Hall
House 22
Evelyn Gardens
  • My mobile number is:
  • My hall phone number is:
02078520346 (Ext: 20346)
  • You can e-mail me at:
  • And finally, add me to MSN: