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==Tom Hinson==
[[Image:Tomlips.jpg|frame|left|Give us a kiss!]]
===About Me===
'''Date of Birth''': 22/09/85<br>
'''Nationality''': British<br>
'''Hometown''': Stamford, Lincs<br><br>
So, I'm Tom. I'm currently a second year Biochemistry student at Imperial. Did want to be a pilot in the RAF but my eyes let me down. But in a way I'm kinda glad because I'm really enjoying my subject, and very glad I did it (to think I once considered Psychology and Computer Science ;) ).
Possibly looking at a career in Research or Industry, but defiantley want to stay in the field. No investment banks for me!
[[Image:Moneyy.jpg|frame|right|Loadsa money!]]
I've sold my soul to big business and am off to GSK @ Stevenage for a year paid placement. Was offered a placement at Pfizer, in Sandwich, as well and am having some regrets that I didn't choose that one. Mainly as the area and facilites are all really really nice. Stevenage, on the other hand, is a pile.
On a brighter note I'll be working on either Antibody Engineering or Vaccine Engineering, or perhaps even both! But either way I'm gonna have '''loadsa money!!'''
[[Image:helicopter.jpg|frame|left|Tom's Chopper]]
So I'm currently in the Imperial iGEM team, after having heard about it and gotten incredibly excited. The team is set, the ideas are... flowing and we're gonna win! Does anyone know if there's any prize money for winning this competition? I think this should be investigated with the highest priority. I can then add it to my pile, and then maybe it'll be enough to buy a helicopter.
[[User:Tom/Ideas|My Idea Playpen]]
[[image:police.jpeg|frame|right|Transport Police]]
===Other Summer Stuff===
So other than iGEM, I plan on trying to get fit this summer, although if the first week is anything to go by I don't think there'd be time. Which is a shame, because I really love exercise ;)
Also, I'll be policing the mean streets of Paddington Railway Station as a Special Constable with the British Transport Police. Basically that means I'm a  volunteer police officer with full police powers. So you better be good, or else your ass is going to jail.
*'''Imperial College London (2004-Present)
**BSc Biochemistry with a Year in Industry
*'''Stamford School (1997-2004)
***Biology, Chemistry, Maths
***Maths, English Lit, Enlgish Lang, Dual Science, French, Geography, History, Latin
*'''St. Gilbert's Primary School (1994-1997)
***Finger painting, pasta models, excessive use of glitter
*If you can stand the mess, come '''visit me''' in halls!
:Room 217
:Fisher Hall
:House 22
:Evelyn Gardens
*My '''mobile number''' is:
*My hall '''phone number''' is:
:02078520346 (Ext: 20346)
*You can '''e-mail''' me at:
:[mailto:thomas.hinson@imperial.ac.uk thomas.hinson@imperial.ac.uk]
*And finally, add me to '''MSN''':

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