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About statistical modeling

  • great courses:
    • "Advanced Data Analysis from an Elementary Point of View" by Cosma Shalizi (free online book)
    • "A First Course in Bayesian Statistical Methods" by Peter Hoff (book)
    • "Bayesian Data Analysis" by Andrew Gelman (free online slides)
  • mathematical aspects:
    • "Intro to Linear Algebra" by Gilbert Strang
    • "Multivariate Calculus" by Magnus and Neudecker
  • practical, computational aspects:
    • "Exploratory Data Analysis with R" by Jennifer Bryan (free online course)
    • editor: Emacs
    • interpreted languages: R, Python and others (Julia?)
    • C/C++: GSL, Armadillo, Eigen, Rcpp
  • visualizing, plotting:
    • "Visualizing uncertainty about the future" by Spiegelhalter, et al. (Science 2011, DOI)
    • "Let's practice what we preach: turning tables into graphs": Gelman et al (The American Statistician 2002, DOI)
  • philosophy, history:
    • Christian Hennig
    • Andrew Gelman and Cosma Shalizi
    • Christian Robert