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==My useful links==
==My useful links==
* current work: [[User:Timothee_Flutre/Notebook|Notebook]]
* current work: [[User:Timothee_Flutre/Notebook|Notebook]]
* code: [https://github.com/timflutre/ Github]
* bibliography: [http://www.citeulike.org/user/timflutre/ CiteULike]
* bibliography: [http://www.citeulike.org/user/timflutre/ CiteULike]
* labs: [http://urgi.versailles.inra.fr/ PhD], [http://stephenslab.uchicago.edu/ postdoc]
* labs: [http://urgi.versailles.inra.fr/ PhD], [http://stephenslab.uchicago.edu/ postdoc]

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Contact Info

Timothee Flutre (an artistic interpretation)
  • Timothée Flutre
  • Affiliation 1: University of Chicago (Department of Human Genetics)
  • Address 1: CLSC, 5801 S Ellis Ave, Chicago, IL 60637, USA
  • Affiliation 2: INRA (Department of Plant Breeding)
  • Address 2: URGI, Route de Saint Cyr, Versailles, 78026, France
  • Email me through OpenWetWare

I am doing a postdoc with Matthew Stephens at the University of Chicago. I learned about OpenWetWare thanks to friends participating in iGEM a few years ago, and I've joined because OpenWetWare seems to be a great project, and I like the idea of promoting more openness in science. Thus I would like to give it a try.


  • 2007-2010, PhD, Université Paris Diderot (FDV)
  • 2006-2007, MS, Université Paris Diderot (AIV)
  • 2003-2007, BS+MS, AgroParisTech

Research interests

  1. Genetics and genomics
  2. Transposable elements
  3. Statistical modeling (especially Bayesian)


  • In search of lost trajectories: Recovering the diversification of transposable elements.
    Flutre T, Permal E, Quesneville H.
    Mob Genet Elements. 2011 (PMID=22016865)
  • Considering transposable element diversification in de novo annotation approaches.
    Flutre T, Duprat E, Feuillet C, Quesneville H.
    PLoS One. 2011 (PMID=21304975)
  • Extensive synteny conservation of holocentric chromosomes in Lepidoptera despite high rates of local genome rearrangements.
    d'Alençon E, Sezutsu H, Legeai F, Permal E, Bernard-Samain S, Gimenez S, Gagneur C, Cousserans F, Shimomura M, Brun-Barale A, Flutre T, Couloux A, East P, Gordon K, Mita K, Quesneville H, Fournier P, Feyereisen R.
    Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A. 2010 (PMID=20388903)
  • Genome sequence of the metazoan plant-parasitic nematode Meloidogyne incognita.
    Abad P, Gouzy J, Aury JM, Castagnone-Sereno P, Danchin EG, Deleury E, Perfus-Barbeoch L, Anthouard V, Artiguenave F, Blok VC, Caillaud MC, Coutinho PM, Dasilva C, De Luca F, Deau F, Esquibet M, Flutre T, Goldstone JV, Hamamouch N, Hewezi T, Jaillon O, Jubin C, Leonetti P, Magliano M, Maier TR, Markov GV, McVeigh P, Pesole G, Poulain J, Robinson-Rechavi M, Sallet E, Ségurens B, Steinbach D, Tytgat T, Ugarte E, van Ghelder C, Veronico P, Baum TJ, Blaxter M, Bleve-Zacheo T, Davis EL, Ewbank JJ, Favery B, Grenier E, Henrissat B, Jones JT, Laudet V, Maule AG, Quesneville H, Rosso MN, Schiex T, Smant G, Weissenbach J, Wincker P.
    Nat. Biotechnol. 2008 (PMID=18660804)

My useful links

Other useful links