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==Contact Info==
[[Image: DNAlarge01.png |right|Tejas Niranjan (an artistic interpretation)]]
*Tejas Niranjan
*Johns Hopkins University
*3201 Saint Paul St.
*Unit 317
*Baltimore, MD, USA
*[[Special:Emailuser/Tejas Niranjan|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
I work in the Boeke Lab at Johns Hopkins University. I've joined because I am treasurer of Hopkins iGEM.
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* 2013-2015, PhD, To Be Determined
* 2008, BS, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Johns Hopkins University
==Research interests==
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# Protein Structure (Histone DNA Polymerase)
# Chromsatin Structure/Function (Histones)
# Comic-books (very research intensive) ;-)
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- Coming to a ''Science'' near you.
==Useful links==
# [[2008 Johns Hopkins University iGEM team]]
# [http://www.bs.jhmi.edu/MBG/boekelab/index.html Boeke Lab @ Hopkins]

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