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==Registration/Questionnaire: 20.109 Fall 2013==
===Last Name===
===First Name===
===Preferred name/nickname (if not first)===
===Year of Graduation===
===Telephone # (needed in case we can't find you!)===
tpearl@mit.edu or tpearl.mit@gmail.com (my mit email is forwarded to this gmail account)
===Preferred "Extra" OH Time===
We will take a doodle poll to set regular office hours based upon T/R or W/F section. However, we do offer supplemental office hours before big assignments are due.
What times on Sundays (all), Mondays (T/R section), and Tuesdays (W/F section) are you available for occasional office hours? We have held office hours in the evening in the past, but day time slots are best.
Sunday midday-afternoon is preferred.
I can do daytime OH 12-4 on Mondays, and 2:30-5 on Tues/Thurs (this is a not very preferred time though).
I am also a varsity athlete, OH cannot just be 5-7 pm.
===Potentially Relevant Background===
{| border="1"
|Have you taken/are you taking...
|Answer yes/no/when
|7.05/5.07 (Biochemistry)
|Yes S13
|7.06 (Cell Biology) 
|Yes S13
|7.03 (Genetics) 
|Yes F12
| 5.310 (General Chemistry Lab)
| No, not sure when
| BioSafety Training
| 9/19
<br style="clear:both;"/>
{| border="1"
|Do you have experience with...
|Answer yes/no/type
|Cell culture (microbial/mammalian/yeast?)
| No
|Molecular biology (electrophoresis, PCR, etc)
| No
===Please briefly describe any previous laboratory experience===
Essentially none. I don't really count the minimal amount of 'lab work' I did in high school.
===Anything else you would like us to know related to 20.109?===
For example, please let us know if you have any special glove requests, namely XS or XL size, or nitrile material -- we carry latex S/M/L by default.
===What is your favorite food or song or song about food?===
My favorite food would have to be chocolate!
===Commitment to academic integrity===
After you print out this page, please sign your name under to the following statement to indicate your agreement:
''I have read and understood the 20.109 [[20.109(F13):Statement_on_collaboration_and_integrity | statement on collaboration and integrity]].''

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