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CNTI Acos5



Pour Load Run
270 mL 1x TAE + 5.4 g agarose 2 µL gel load dye + 4 µL PCR product 160 V
27 µL GelRed 6 µL ladder 45 minutes

800 px

  • mispriming everywhere - primer pair not usable for CNHY
  • lots of mispriming, but may be able to use conditions indicated by orange face (Orangefrownyface.png), if needed, under stringent conditions
  • favorable conditions indicated by Greenhappyface.png

Fragment Analysis Submission

900 px

700 px

  • UAGC Submission# ????

  • FedEx picked up ____pm, 26 February
  • FedEx delivered ____am, 27 February
  • UAGC received ____am, 27 February
  • UAGC completed ____am, 28 February