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* UAGC Submission# MDQQ
* UAGC Submission# MDQQ
:: [[Image:20130319_Fraga.png|900 px]]
:: [[Image:20130319_Frag.png|900 px]]
:: [[Image:20130319_Fragb.png|900 px]]

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  • primer concentration gradient for SW614-A4 because low-intensity marker
20130318 PCRa.png

ASHY MP1/2/3 Opt


  • for MP1, removed Ai5043 because low-intensity, moved Ai5013 from NED to FAM
  • for MP2, removed Ai5057 because low-intensity, may have used Buffer D instead of F in last run
  • for MP3, new multiplex from MP1's and MP2's rejects (Ai5043 and Ai5057) + Cvanµ24
20130318 PCRb.png


20130319 Gel.png

Fragment Analysis Submission

  • UAGC Submission# MDQQ
20130319 Frag.png

  • UAGC received 3:06pm, 20 March
  • UAGC completed 10:23am, 21 March