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SCOC MP2 Optimization

  • uniplex SW markers to see quality of peaks and range of alleles
  • multiplex SW markers as first glance of how multiplex behaves


20130226 Gel.png

  • gel floated sideways, so it looks funny, but whatevs
  • clean bands in uniplexes
  • multiplex has amplification
  • send to frag!

Fragment Analysis Submission

20130226 Frag.png

20121029 FedEx.png

  • UAGC Submission#

  • FedEx picked up 2:59pm, 29 Octover
  • FedEx delivered 9:14am, 30 October
  • UAGC received 3:26pm, 30 October
  • UAGC completed 10:10am, 31 October