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M 6.12.06

1. Folded DNA Nanostructures Goal: Create nanotubes using Shawn's pre-designed oligo staples, and two controls: one without the scaffold, one without the staples

  • According to protocol, 3 combinations of components were mixed and thermocycled.

2. Transformed Bacteria with Existing BioBrick Plasmids Goal: Transform existing BioBrick-containing plasmids in order to produce large enough quantities of DNA to work with later.

  • R0010 (lac operon promoter),
  • E7104 (T4 promoter + gfp),
  • and E0241 (gfp)

were transformed into OneShot Top10 competent cells (Invitrogen) according to

HOMEWORK: 1) Past iGEM Projects Presentation: UCSF 2) Prospective Projects Research: a) Lactobacillus Hijacking b) Receptor-based DNA Nanostructure Latch c) Biocryptography w/ DNA Nanostructures d) ?

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