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Department of Bioengineering
Imperial College London
South Kensington, SW7
London, UK


Phd student at Imperial College London under the supervision of Prof R.Kitney.

My research project deals with developing robust techniques for the processing of 'difficult' medical images, especially the restoration and segmentation of such images. Of particular interest to me is the development of independent techniques that automatically estimate the most adequate values of their parameters for the set of data they process.


  • PhD candidate at Imperial College London
  • MS.c In Telecommunications at King's College London
  • DEA in Differential Equations (Ordinary and Partial) at ECL/ENS LYON
  • Ecole Centrale de LYON (Mathematics Option)

Research Interests

  • Diffusion Equations for Image Processing (especially non-linear equations)
  • Bayesian Decision Theory and Game Theory
  • Phd Subject : Medical Image Processing
    • Image Restoration
    • Feature Extraction
    • segmentation

Some of my Current Projects

  • Phd Project : Medical Image Processing
  • IGEM 2006 : Advising on Dynamic Systems
  • SIMILAR ( : Leader of the WP10 Segmentation Track
  • SIMILAR Database ( : Design and Construction of the WP10 Database

  • I will post some pictures and details these projects soon!