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Shaunak Vankudre

420 Winthrop Mail Center

Cambridge, MA 02138

What I'm currently reading:

Lynd, Zyl, et al. "Consolidated bioprocessing of cellulosic biomass: an update" Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2005, 16:577-583

---This paper gives a pretty good (though non-technical) overview of research into consolidated bioprocessing of cellulose into ethanol, and some of the main problems as well. If we're interested in looking at fuels, this is definitely a good paper to look at.

Jeffries, Thomas. "Engineering yeasts for xylose metabolism" Current opinion in biotechnology 2006, 17:320-326.

---This paper looks at turning xylose into ethanol via yeasts, and recent results in this field of research. If we think we might not want to use bacteria, this is a good overview.

Sticklen, Mariam. "Plant genetic engineering to improve biomass characteristics for biofuels." Current Opinion in Biotechnology 2006, 17:315-319

--Looks at problems from biomass cellulose, such as lignin, and current research into ways to treat it. Also looks at other ways to engineer plants. I think less relevant for us, but still interesting as a way for getting a feel of some of the issues surrounding cellulose