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*Amherst, MA, 01003 USA  
*Amherst, MA, 01003 USA  
*[[Special:Emailuser/Susan C. Roberts|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
*[[Special:Emailuser/Susan C. Roberts|Email me through OpenWetWare]]
[http://roberts.openwetware.org/ Lab Group Website]
*[http://roberts.openwetware.org/ Lab Group Website]
[http://che.umass.edu/faculty/susan-roberts UMass Site]
*[http://che.umass.edu/faculty/susan-roberts UMass Site]

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Contact Info

Susan C. Roberts

I am an associate professor in Chemical Engineering Department at the University of Massachusetts Amherst and the director of the Institute for Cellular Engineering at UMass. I learned about OpenWetWare from faculty colleague, and I've joined to host my lab's website on OpenWetWare.


  • 1998, PhD, Cornell University
  • 1992, BS, Worcester Polytechnic Institute


A complete publication list can be found on my lab's website.

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