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[[Image:IMG_0858.jpg|thumb|right|Photo-synthetic bacteria set up in fermenter suite]]
=='''Sung-Hye H. Grieco'''==
* Suite Manager, [http://www.cbr.ubc.ca/fermenter.htm Single Cell Fermenter Suite], [http://www.cbr.ubc.ca Centre for Blood Research], [http://www.ubc.ca University of British Columbia]
*Contact info via [[Special:Emailuser/Sung-Hye Grieco|E-mail]]
*Lab website:[http://www.cbr.ubc.ca/fermenter.htm http://cbr.ubc.ca/fermenter.htm]
I work in the [http://www.cbr.ubc.ca Centre for Blood Research] at University of British Columbia.  I learned about [[OpenWetWare]] after I attended [http://www.bio.org/ind/pacrim/08/ Pacific Rim Summit on Industrial Biotechnology and Bioenergy] meeting at Vancouver in 2008 September and listened the inspiring plenary lecture by [[User:Endy|Dr. Endy Drew]] about [[Synthetic_Biology|Synthetic Biology]] titled <em> "Can we make Biology Easy to Engineer?"</em>, and I've joined because I wanted to share protocols and ideas about sciences and discuss about daily questions for myself and others.. After I joined it, I also realized that I can use this OpenWetWare for live website for communicating with fermenter users for on-going project using OpenWetWare [[Lab_notebook|LabNotebook]].
* 2005, Post doctoral resesarch, <em> University of British Columbia </em>, Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Vancouver, BC, Canada
* 2003, Post doctoral resesarch, <em> Harvard Medical School </em>, Center for Biochemical and Biophysical Sciences and Medicine (Currently Department of Pathology), Boston, MA, USA
* 2001, PhD. Bioengineering, <em> Osaka University </em>, Department of Biotechnology, Osaka, Japan
* 1997, MS. Biochemistry, <em> Catholic Medical School </em>, Department of Biochemistry, Seoul, Korea
=='''Research interests'''==
# <font color=red> Small-scale fermentation optimization and process development</font>: <br> Provide time and cost efficient production tools using fermentation equipment.
# <font color=red> Building up fermentation data base</font>:<br> Provide on-line database from fermentation conducted from our suite with detailed fermentation conditions for result download, invoices, tracking down previous data, and data comparison and easy analysis.
# <font color=red> Sharing scientific information for trouble shooting and protocal exchanges</font>:<br> Also provide information about basic materials (media composition, characteristics of host strains), instructions on how to prepare bioreactors, conducting fermentation, and analysis of fermentation data and off-line data.
#Paper6 pmid=19221805
#Paper5 pmid=17111383
#Paper4 pmid=15911539
#Paper3 pmid=12618543
#Paper2 pmid=11162412
#Paper1 pmid=10952009
=='''Useful links'''==
*[[User:Fermenter_User|Online Lab Notebook for Fermenter Users]]
*[[Help|Notebook Lab Notebook]]<br><br>
*[[OpenWetWare:Welcome|Introductory tutorial]]
*[[Help|OpenWetWare help pages]]
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