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Nanoparticle Fiber

  • Determine the concentration and amounts needed for Au and BSA in a solution with 140 times more Au than BSA

Concentrations: Au = .25 mM BSA = 1.785 μM

Amounts: Au = .4924 mg BSA = 1.19 mg

  • Amounts needed multiplied by 10 to get 10 times the concentration, to later siphon out 1mL from each diluted solution

Theoretical Amounts: Au = 4.924 mg BSA = 11.9 mg

Actual amounts used: Au = 5.3 mg BSA = 12.6 mg

Adjusted mL based on extra amounts: Au solution = 10.76mL BSA solution = 10.57mL

  • 1mL was siphoned from each solution and added to 8mL of purified water.
  • The 10mL Au+BSA+H2O solution was then put into the oven for approximately 4 hours.