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Contact Info

Siddharth Dialani

<html><b>Siddharth Dialani</b></html> <html><br></html> <html>214, Mandakini Hostel</html> <html><br>Indian Institue of Technology, Tamil Nadu, India - 600036</html> <html><br>Email:<a href=""></a><br></html>


<html> <ul> <li><b>Master of technology in Biotechnology, <a href="">IIT Madras</a>(2015)<br> Bachelor of technology in Biotechnology, <a href="">IIT Madras</a>(2014)</b></li> <li><b>Board of Higher Secondary Education(2010) <br> School: Agarwal public School, Indore </b></li> Graduated with 89.6%<br> <li><b>Board of Secondary Education (2008) <br> School: Agarwal public School, Indore </b> </li> Graduated with 91.6% </ul> </html>

Academic Achievements

<html> <ul> <li> Secured state rank 3rd in MBD talent search Examination. 2002 </li> <li>Qualified for the final round in NTSE (National Talent Search Examination) 2007 </li> <li>Secured International rank 332 in International Math Olympiad 2009 </li> <li>Winner of the national CBSE science exhibition at regional level held at Bhopal 2009 </li> <li>Ranked among top 1 percent in state (Madhya Pradesh) for national standard examination in physics conducted by Indian Association of Physics Teachers. 2010 </li> <li>Won the award of best outgoing all-round performer from my school. 2010 </li> </ul> </html>


<html> <ul> <li><b>Virtual Image Tracer,</b> Center For Innovation, IIT Madras<br> Designed and built a robot that would trace an image on the ground, taking the image from computer. <br> The project involved image processing, programming and basic electronics. <br> </li> <li><b>Water level decteter,</b> Sustainability Network, IIT Madras </li> Designed and built a wireless water level detector in an overhead water tank. <br> Placed in the top six projects among all the projects under Sustainability Network that year. <br> <li> <b> ABU Robocon (biggest international robotics event in the asia - pacific region) </b></li> Electrical team leader for the robocon team, representing IITM at national level of ABU Robocon, Pune.<br> Finance manager for the project, handled a budget of INR 700,000. <br> <li><b>Biomod 2012 (international bio-molecular design competition)</b></li> Member of the biomod team 2012, that will represent IITM at Harvard University, Boston.<br> </ul> </html>

Professional Experience

<html> <ul> <li><b>Symbiotec Pharmalab limited, production, indore (USFD approved)</b></li> Analyzed the process structure for the synthesis of hormones and steroids. <br> Worked on development of better and economic intermediate products that were then implemented in making the final product. <li><b>Bodhbridge Educational Services(P) LTD, Chennai</b> </li> Worked as an internee(may 2011), involved in developing video based solutions to IIT-JEE problems. <br> Allotted a project(may 2012) worth INR 50,000 that involved content development, video editing and production (software-camtasia studio) </ul> </html>

Positions of Responsibility

<html> <ul> <li><b>Technical Affairs Secretary, Mandakini hostel, IIT Madras - 2012-present </b> </li> Unanimously elected by an electorate of over 250 students, to handle all the technical activities of the hostel. <br> <li><b>Robotics Coordinator, Shaastra 2012 (annual technical festival ) </b></li> Robotics is the biggest and the most challenging event at shaastra. <li><b>Gamer's Inn Coordinator, Shaastra 2011</b></li> Gamer's Inn was a new event at shaastra which was awarded the most successful event by shaastra newspaper. <li><b>Mentor, Center For Innovation, IIT Madras - 2012-present</b></li> </ul> </html>

Extra Curricular Activities

<html> <ul> <li>Captain for hostel table tennis team.</li> <li>S-Net ambassador, Mandakini hostel for the academic year 2011-2012.</li> <li>Winner of the freshie chess shroeter 2010-2011.</li> <li>Placed 3rd in chess tournament held as a part of Dean’s trophy 2010, IIT Madras.</li> <li>Winner of indian Sudoku championship held in Saarang 2011.</li> <li>Winner of manual robotics competition, Mechanica 2011.</li> <li>Finalist for Contraptions, semi-autonomous robotics events, Shaastra 2011.</li> </ul> </html>

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