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Stephanie Lo <br>
Harvard College 2010
c/o Harvard College PRISE<br>
Leverett Mail Center<br>
28 DeWolfe Street<br>
Cambridge, MA 02138
I have always had a passion for sciences, particularly chemistry, and hope to pursue a joint concentration in Molecular and Cellular Biology and Economics. Eventually, I plan to apply for an MD/PhD program and specialize in digestive disorders.
NanoDrop results (6/20) performed by Ellenor and Stephanie:<br>
(1.5 uL used out of a 30uL elution with nuclease free water)<br>
S: 10.9 ng/uL<br>
S2: 15.4 ng/uL<br>
B: 59.1 ng/uL<br>
B1: 25.1 ng/uL<br>
[http://openwetware.org/wiki/IGEM:Harvard/2007 Harvard iGEM]

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