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(Research interests)
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==Research interests==
==Research interests==
<!-- Feel free to add brief descriptions to your research interests as well -->
<!-- Feel free to add brief descriptions to your research interests as well -->
# Synthetic biology (standards, modular gene networks, stochasticity, feed-forward loops)
# Synthetic biology
# Evolution (experimental and directed)
# Experimental and directed evolution
# Mutation rates under stress
# Mutation rates under stress

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Contact Info

Sean C. Sleight (an artistic interpretation)

I'm a postdoc in Herbert Sauro's lab at University of Washington. I have just started a synthetic biology project and will be an advisor for the UW iGEM 2008 team. Hopefully I will be able to contribute something here soon.


  • 2007, PhD, Michigan State University, Microbiology and Molecular Genetics
  • 1999, BS, University of Arizona, Molecular and Cellular Biology

Research interests

  1. Synthetic biology
  2. Experimental and directed evolution
  3. Mutation rates under stress


  • Sleight S.C., C. Orlic, D. Schneider, and R.E. Lenski

Genetic basis of evolutionary adaptation by Escherichia coli to stressful cycles of freezing, thawing and growth. 2008. Genetics Sep;180(1):431-43.

  • Sleight S.C. and R.E. Lenski

Evolutionary adaptation to freeze-thaw-growth cycles in Escherichia coli. 2007. Physiological and Biochemical Zoology 80(4): 370-385.

  • Sleight S.C., N.S. Wigginton, and R.E. Lenski

Increased susceptibility to repeated freeze-thaw cycles in Escherichia coli following long-term evolution in a benign environment. 2006. BMC Evolutionary Biology 6: 104 [8 pp].

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