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Learning about Dynamic Page Listings and Categories/Tags

Today I learned about ways to sort and categorize pages and posts in my lab notebook, allowing for easier navigation and organization of my posts. Dynamic page listing (dpl) allows one to create an automatically updating list of pages within a certain category. By doing this, one can do a large amount of work with very few lines of code. An example of dynamic page listing can be found on this page. Dpl is extremely easy to code. It consists of identifying the category (at a bare minimum) and if one wants, adding an ordering method. An example of dpl code is:

mode = unordered
order = descending

Since dpl is based on sorting posts within a certain categories, one must know how to tag a post with a category for sorting. This is easily done. An example of this is

[[Category: SL-Coding]]

This tag will allow for easy organization and grouping of notebook entries.