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First notebook post

The lab I am working for is participating in open notebook science. We were asked to create online lab notebooks, and were given two sites to choose from -- Wordpress and Openwetware. I chose Openwetware.


  • Openwetware (unlike Wordpress) is designed specifically for use as a lab notebook.
  • There are many ways to customize and format a personal notebook.
  • By using Openwetware for a lab notebook, I will be adding mine to a clearly defined, pre-existing directory of other lab notebooks at research institutions, making it easier for my notebook to be found by others who are interested in similar research.
  • The site seems more professional and scientific than Wordpress.


To the casual computer user, Openwetware may be a bit overwhelming.

  • The editing and publishing of posts in Openwetware is nowhere near as simple as that of Wordpress.
  • Unlike Wordpress or Tumblr, posting on Openwetware is not easily done through a cellphone browser or app.
  • The site's interface at first glance appears to be a cluttered mess of links and text, which might deter someone from clicking though them to get to a lab notebook.

Sarah Labianca 12:42, 8 February 2012 (EST):

Spreadsheet Attempts

{{#widget:Google Spreadsheet

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