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Part A: Prepare tris-HCl Buffer

  • 25mmol/L x 1mol/1000mmmol x 1L/1000mL x 300mL x 121.14g/mol

= 0.90855g tris

  • Add 250ml of distilled water to the beaker with 0.9094g of tris.
  • Add HCl drop by drop until the pH was at 8.07.
  • 47ml of more distilled water was added to have 300ml of 25mM tris-HCl buffer.

Part B: Preparing hydrogels for liposome coating

  • Add 0.2mL lipid (4mg) with 2 mg hydrogels.(1. 0.5g PVOH/3mL buffer/6μL R6G/50mL oil 2. 0.5g PVOH/4mL buffer/35mL oil)
  • Gently stir for 2 hours.