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Part A

  • Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer was used to find out the stiffness and flexibility of each films.(width 5.3 mm)
  • DMA of 22,000 film was measured.(without crosslinking)
  • DMA of 100,000 film wihout cross-linking will be done next week.
  • Following films were cross-linking(kept at 120C for 90min) for DMA.
  • 100,000 PVOH
  • 22,000 PVOH
  • 100,000 PVOH with a drop of HCL
  • 22,000 PVOH with H3Po4 and maleic acid
  • 22,000 PVOH with H3Po4 with H3PO4.


  • After the cross-linking, films became stiffer and their color was not clear as before.
  • After the cross-linking, film of 100,000 became dark black.

  • DME result for PVOH(required)

Individual observations of films after


  • 22,000 PVOH: less clear film. Slight change in stiffness.
  • 22,000 PVOH with H3PO4 and maleic acid : less clear film. Slight change in stiffness.
  • 22,000 PVOH with H3PO4: yellowish color, stiffness increased dramatically. It can be still bended.
  • 100,000 PVOH: less clear film. Very stiff. Harder to bend.
  • 100,000 PVOH with HCl: Dark Black color. still flexible. Stiffness did not change to much.

2012-10-05 12.21.41.jpg


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