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Part A

-Prepare a solution of 100ml of water and 20 g of NaSO4.

-When NaSO4 is fully dissolved, add 2 ml of H2SO4.

-Wait until the temperature of the solution reached to 70 C to add 0.1 g of PVOH (MW:22000 + gluteraldhyde.)

-An hour later, the film was taken out of the solution and washed couple times with distilled water before placing in to a 1% aqueous HCL solution for half an hour.

-Film pieces are removed from the solution and placed in to a 0.2 M of Sodium bicarbonate solution and left under the hood for 15 minutes . (no heat/no stirring)

-Weigh the film before and after drying.

Part B

-Prepare a film by adding 0.5 g of PVOH (MW:22000) + 5 ml of water.

-After PVOH is dissolved in water add 1 ml of gluteraldehyde and placed in to a teflon plate.

-let it dry under the hood.


  • Film with lower molecular mass, 22000, is thinner than the film with higher molecular mass.


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