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Part 1 (Solubility of PVOH)

A)0.5 g PVOH MW:22000 + H20
B)0.5 g PVOH MW:22000 + H20 + H2PO4
C)0.5 g PVOH MW:22000 + H2O + H2PO4 + maleic acid

Solubility of A, B and C were measured by adding each film into separate beaker. Stir bar was placed in to each beaker with A, B and C.

The time required to dissolve each film was recorded.

Part 2 (Cross linking of A, B and C and solubility of each film after crosslinking)

0.5 g of A, B and C were placed into 3 separate teflon plate and placed in to 80 degree celcius oven for 90 minutes. 
The time required for each film to dissolve in water was also recorded.

Part 3 (preparing thinner films)

*0.1g of PVOH (MW:22000) + 4ml of water
*0.1g of PVOH (MW:100000) + 4ml of water


Table 1.png

Table 2.png

  • Without cross-linking, samples were completely soluble in water.
  • After cross-linking, A and B completely dissolved but C did not.


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