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(Research interests)
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# Neural Development
# Neural Development
# Stem cell biology
# Stem cell biology
# Genetic Engineering
# Bioengineering
# Bioengineering
# Biochemistry
# Biochemistry

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Contact Info

Ryan T. Willett (an artistic interpretation)

I work in the Laboratory of Lloyd Greene at Columbia University. I learned about OpenWetWare from A writeup page on DIY, howebrew biology in New Scientist magazine. I've joined because I've always been a fan of DIY things and would like to help make science accessible to the public.


  • 2009? PhD, Columbia University (finishing)
  • 2006 MPhil, Columbia University
  • 2002 BS, Biology
  • 2002 BA, Biochemistry
  • 2000 Harvard University Medical School. Summer Fellowship in the Laboratory of T Keith Blackwell at the Center for Blood Research (now the Immune Disease Institute)


  • Brian Hoffman Award for Excellence in Graduate Studies
  • Graduated with High Honors in Biology for the undergraduate thesis "Posttranscriptional Analysis of Circadian Rhythms" in the laboratory of Michael Rosbash

Research interests

  1. Neural Development
  2. Stem cell biology
  3. Genetic Engineering
  4. Bioengineering
  5. Biochemistry
  6. Bioinformatics


Yeah.....working on that.

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