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I am a new member of OpenWetWare!

Contact Info

  • Rubén Alcázar

Max Planck, Cologne SFB680

Scientific career

  • 2010, Postdoc SFB680, MPIPZ Germany. Co-evolution of plant-pathogen interactions.
  • 2008, Postdoc MPIPZ Germany. Hybrid incompatibilities in Arabidopsis thaliana.
  • 2006, Postdoc BP2005, MPIPZGermany. Natural variation of growth resposes to temperature.
  • 2005, Postdoc EU-ROST, University of Barcelona. Polyamines in drought stress tolerance.
  • 2004, PhD Plant Biology, University of Barcelona. Polyamines in abiotic stress and regulation of development.
  • 1999, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Specialization in Genetic Engineering, University of Barcelona

Research Interests

Genetic and molecular basis of plant adaptation to local environments using Arabidopsis thaliana as model species. See publication list on this topic (Alcázar et al.,2009 PNAS; Alcázar et al.,2010 Nature Genetics; Alcázar et al., 2011 Current Opinion in Plant Biology).


List of publications and citations

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