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I have earned my PhD at the Ecology Dept., Lund University, Sweden, in 2007[http://www.ekol.lu.se/]. During my PhD, I have worked in Rengefors Lab with populations genetics and phylogenetics of unicellular eukaryotes, investigating their diversification patterns at different evolutionary scales. In collaboration with researchers in Norway and Argentina, we have investigated the historical marine - freshwater transitions in Dinoflagellates and Cryptomonads. I have also investigated the evolutionary diversification of dinoflagellate lineages inhabiting polar and temperate lakes, in collaboration with researchers in Denmark, Norway, Finland and the UK.
Here, at the limnology dept., I will investigate the diversity of prokaryotes in lakes in relation with some of their specific ecological functions.
ramiro.logares [at] ebc.uu.se 
Phone: ++46 (0) 18 471 2706 (office)
Fax: ++46 (0) 18 53 11 34
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'''PhD Thesis'''
Logares , R. E. 2007. Microbial evolution: patterns of diversity in aquatic protists. PhD thesis, Lund University, Sweden ISBN: 978-91-7105-263-6 [http://www.lu.se/o.o.i.s?id=12683&postid=600754]

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