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Project Description/Abstract

In which I'm attempting to use bioluminescent micro-alga P. lunula in a video-projected, sound-reactive, bio-art installation. I'm acquiring many new skills in order to see this project through, and I hope to amass some DIY-Bio techniques and protocols along the way as well.


  • Current challenges:
    • Create a sensitive sound transducer
    • Quantify light emissions from algae grown in varying conditions
  • Other tasks:
    • Continue to propagate algae

2012 Nov 10

Ordered 150ml cultures of two dinoflagellate species (P. lunula and P. fusiformis) from - expected arrival date 11/12 or 11/13!

2012 Nov 16

Dinoflagellate cultures arrived from Empco, P. lunula already exhibiting bioluminescence when disturbed. The culture of P. Fusiformis may be more fastdious.

Temps in my studio have been relatively high (78-82 deg F) due to the recent installation of new heaters. I've been fiddling with the heat settings and will try to adjust it down so that the area near the window stays around 75 deg F. Unsure if the East-facing window will provide optimal light, I might look into getting a fluorescent lamp - my other houseplants would probably love that as well!

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