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ADA Kinetics and more


  • Run UV-Vis and AA on HRP/AuNPs samples
  • Adenosine Deaminase Kinetics Assay


  • For procedure and data regarding the UV-Vis and the AA of the HRP and gold nanoparticle solutions, please see either Melissa's notebook or Dhea's notebook.
  • The Adenosine Deaminase Kinetic assay was done by following the Assay Protocol
  1. The potassium Phosphate Buffer was actually sodium phosphate and was made at a pH of 7.4
    • We made 50mL of .05M sodium phosphate buffer

.05 x .05= .0025 moles .0025 moles x 268.07g/1mol = .6702g sodium phosphate in 50 mL H20. Actual amount = .6705. pH of 7.4 was achieve by adding roughly 3 drops of 12M HCl from a glass pasture pipette.

  1. 5mL of .1mM adenosine was made by adding 100mg of adenosine in 1mL of .05M phosphate buffer. This solution of adenosine was .00373M. .134mL of the .00373M adenosine solution was then diluted to a final volume of 5mL with .05M phosphate buffer giving a final concentration of .1mM adenosine.
  • '(0.001 g)/(268.02 g/mol) = 3.73×10-6 mol (3.73×10-6 mol)/0.001 L = 0.00373 M
  (0.00373 M)(V1)=(5 mL)(0.1×10-3 M)  V1 = 0.134 mL

100 mg of adenosine was dissolved in 1 mL of 0.05 M phosphate buffer, giving a solution of 0.00373 M adenosine.

    • 0.134 mL of 0.00373 M adenosine was diluted to a final volume of 5 mL with 0.05 M phosphate buffer, giving a solution of 0.1 mM adenosine.