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Transformation, protein expression, lysozyme Uv-Vis


  • Transform PCR product into E.Coli Cells
  • Induce ADA protein expression
  • Run Uv-Vis of the lysozyme and AuNP solution


  • The PCR product was transformed by following the Transformation Protocol
  • ADA protein was expressed in the same manner as on 2012/09/19
    • 5mL of .4M IPTG solution was made and 1mL was placed into each of the 4 fernbach flasks.
    • .005L x.4M= .002 moles x 238.31g/mol= .477g IPTG in 5mL. Actual= .4754g in 5mL of water.
  • For information regarding the Lysozyme please see either mikes notebook or marys notebook. The lysozyme did create purple gold nanoparticle fibers upon removal from the oven.