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More ADA and AAS


  • Run AAS from Au/BSA solutions
  • Make starter culture media and expression culture media in order to produce more ADA protein.


  • For the Starter culture media and expression culture media, the same procedure from September 18
  • The samples of broth were made and autoclaved today. The antibiotic and the E.coli colony were also added into the starter culture media.
  • For AAS: The 14 samples produced fibers this time and as a result, the fibers needed to be removed which was done through centrifuging and then pipetting out the solution without the fibers. For everything done in regards to the AAS today please see either Michael's or Mary's notebook.


Starter Culture Media-- amount of LB added to each flask

  1. Flask 1: 25.0095g
  2. Flask 2: 25.0059g
  3. Flask 3: 25.009g
  4. Flask 4: 25.0008g

Expression Culture Media:

  1. Flask 1: .8744g
  2. Flask 2: .8775g
  3. Flask 3: .8745g
  4. Flask 4L .8749g