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Atomic Absorption Spectrum


  • Run AAS on AuNP/BSA samples to determine true concentrations


  • The AA was calibrated using standard solutions made by Dr. Miller. The concentrations of these standard solutions were 5,8,10,15,20,25,30 and 40 ppm. The test was also blanked with 1M HCl.
  • Deionized water was run through the AA between samples.
  • The Au/BSA samples had been made on 2012/09/26.
  • The samples were runt through the AA and blanked with 1M HCl between every 4 samples.


  • For unknown reasons, there were no fibers present in the solution. But it was apparent that the gold had reacted because the solution was purple. Therefore, we went ahead with the experiment with the intent or repeating it at a later date.