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<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
<!-- ##### DO NOT edit above this line unless you know what you are doing. ##### -->
==Day 10==
*Microscope of petri dish prepared samples
*Prepare two new samples using sonicator for sample size control
*Prepare new sample of magnetite: protein with gold additive
== Procedure==
* Samples were analyzed on disposable glass slides under a microscope.
* Samples contained a small amount of particulate and more solution in order to allow the samples to move freely and test the magnetic properties of the samples.
'''Procedure for Sonocation Method'''
* 13000:1 Mag- BSA and 16500:1 Mag-Heme samples were prepared using the same method as  [[User:Puja Mody/Notebook/AU Biomaterials 572/2014/02/25|last week]]. However instead of heating them in the oven, they were placed in a sonocating hot water bath for the 4 hours. The hot water bath was heated to approximately 65 degrees celsius as the instrument could not heat any higher.
==Microscope DATA==
Image 1: 14500:1 Mag:Heme 10x magnification
[[Image:14500 heme-mag-au 3-4 10x .jpg|450]]
Image 2: 14500 Mag-Heme with Gold additive  2.5x magnification
[[Image:14500 heme-mag-au 3-4 2.5x.jpg|450]]
Image 3:16500:1 Mag:Heme sonocation 20x magnification
[[Image:16500 heme mag solocation 3-4 20x.jpg]]
Image 4: 16500:1 Mag-heme: sonocation sample 32x magnification
[[Image:16500 heme mag solocation 3-4 32x.jpg]]
Image 5: 13000:1 Mag: BSA sonocation sample 2.5x magnification
[[Image:13000 BSA-Mag solocation 3-4.jpg]]
Image 6: 13000:1 Mag-BSA sonocation sample 10x magnification
[[Image:13000 BSA-Mag solocation 3-4 10x.jpg]]
Image 7: 13000:1 Mag-BSA  sonocation sample 32x magnification
[[Image:32x 13000 bsa-mag solocation 3-4.jpg]]
* Though nothing can be said conclusively about this microscopic data, it appears from images 5-7, that the BSA samples prepared via sonocation has produced a little bit of uniformity

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