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Day 3

  • Goals:
  1. Prepare a Au:Hemoglobin solution using the method of protein- AuNP preparation found Here (It is the same as the Au-BSA solutions prepared). These samples will be used for comparison against the new method preparation done today.
  2. Prepare two Magnetitic and hemoglobin solutions. The first following the protocol described on Wednesday. Everything will once again be constantly de-gassed with nitrogen using the Schlenk line. And the second following the same ratio and protocol listed on Tuesday. The preparation of these two samples will allow for comparison in the future.
  3. Filter the Magnetite:Au-BSA solutions from Last week using a Whatman filter paper with a pore size of 20-25μ. This filtrate will be dried and analyzed using DSC, FTIR and XRD.
  4. Potentiall place some of the prepared fibers in water in order to test their stability.
  5. Test magnetic property of the fibers using a magnet/magnetometer.
  6. Centrifuge recollected solution for future AA analysis.


  • Made Hemoglobin+ Magnetite solution. Bubbled through nitrogen for 4 hours
  • Centrifuge the Hemoglobin- magnetite- gold samples
  • made 4 different ratios of hemoglobin and magnetite