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The number of issues I want to look into before we plan the optical setup:

  1. The possible x or/and y signal drift at QPD, when we increase the laser power: Is it due to AOM or is it laser? How we solve it?
  2. Need of Imaging AOM at the back aperture of the objective and further at QPD.
  3. How well our new diachronic works?
  4. Other noise & vibration issues.

I am starting to work on these. If you guys can think of anything else please add.

Detail list

1. You may be able to investigate #1 using the current laser. You could set up the detector on the table, put in a 1:1 telescope to image the AOM onto the detector and then move detector in +/- z direction to explore the magnitude of the effect.

2. This is related to #1. If we were using the AOM for steering (which we aren’t), it’d be necessary. However, as mentioned above, imaging may help with the XY signal related to AOM voltage.

3. Noise / drift will be a big issue. There is also the looming huge task of putting everything in a box. Also, we discussed moving some equipment into the chase, which will be helpful but will require some engineering and possibly some programming.

4. Any programming needs that I can work on?

5. DNA Constructs

6. Tethering efficiently

7. Working with the new piezo focuser … this will create some programming tasks too