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Power Step-Up Beam Profile experiment (BPE) with TC-48

A quick run is done today at 3.64 w with laser temperature normal 84oF and 54oF. The difference in beam profile is clear. One more thing I noticed about the TC is, even after a period of 1hour it never reached the desired temperature of 50, it kind of stuck at 54 (the reading given by the computer) and moving very slowly. While the sensor (multimeter sensor) on the side of the laser was still showing 60.



Bingo!!! Look at surface profile it looks way better at 54. Horizontal profile is also way better the dip is gone. It’s obvious the profile at this temperature is way better. Tomorrow I will do the profiling from .2w to 4.1w at this temperature and then compare it with our previous results. And also better understanding of TC time taking to reach at the desired temperature of 50.