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Optical tweezer

  • I am glad to say this; that our tweezer is almost ready to use. Thanks to Andy (for his tremendous job in designing the set-ups and his very valuable advice) and Anthony (tremendously help me with the set-up and TCA set-up with power-supply is POA; piece of art.
  • He-Ne made our alignment so easy that now even a Cave-Man can do it, he can just focus on the He-Ne reflection in the microscope and that is it: IR is sitting right on the top of it.
  • A part of steering assembly and collimation is left which we will fix tomorrow.
  • We will also try to complete TCA setup.
  • Next week Anthony is not here, so I am planning to do beam profiling again at lower temperature, sum signal experiment and power calibration and may be some unzipping ;->