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Today Experiments

Sum Signal Experiment

We tried to record sum signal at several powers without success. For some reason the X and Y amplitudes were really disturbed (jumpy), so as the sum. On low power around .20W they were constant, but as soon as we got above .70W they were really disturbed. And also, every time we increased the power we had to adjust the x and y amplitudes. The pictures in the corresponding link show that:

Steve Koch 23:13, 9 April 2010 (EDT): Hmm, strange! I don't have any ideas for why that happened...
Pranav Rati:But I remember one thing, when earlier I was checking the beam profile I saw blurry fringes come and go repeatedly, may be that’s the cause. I will do it again on Tuesday or Monday if I get the time.

Power Step-Up Beam Profile experiment

I have successfully finished the starting modifications for this experiment. I checked a new set-up to record the beam profile. It worked well. In the set-up I did not use any lens to project the beam at CCD. I noticed some new patterns, which were arise from the AOM: These patterns were really destroying the beam profile of first order at the high power. One possible solution of the problem is use a lens to project the beam; which I will work on as as soon as I finish the sum signal experiment.