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3 New Experiments


Today after hour of hard work I finally aligned the tweezer so it is ready for the experiments. There are 3 experiments we are planning to conduct tomorrow.

1 )Sum Signal Experiment

Skipper suggested to do a sum signal experiment [sum (v) Vs Power (W) at low temperature of 55o F: The layout for this experiment is following; we will record the sum signal through QD at different powers (from 100mW to 3.5 W in 300mW steps). By plotting we will determine if the relationship between sum and power stays linear at this temperature/if not than what is safe range at which it is linear. We will repeat the same experiment at the normal temperature of the laser.

2 )Power Spectrum

We will do 5 cycles of low and high temperature (55o F - normal temperature), and record the power spectrum for each cycle to compare that how the spectrum looks at two temperatures.

3 )Power Step-Up Beam Profile

Beam profile will be recorded from 100mW to 4 W at 500mW steps at 55o F and normal temperature. It will be helpful in knowing that at what power the profile starts changing significantly at normal temperature and how is it different at 55o F. These experiments will help us knowing our laser better, and answering the question of investment in Peltier. This is the plan for tomorrow, if you guys have any suggestion please go ahead and make.