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Tweezer is aligned

Our tweezer is aligned, but with an issue; as you can see there is more power to the left. I tried to fix this issue as much as i could. File:Tweezer 03-25-10.avi

I also made a new tool which will help us aligning the beam at the two end-apertures of the cage system. It's just a web-cam on a post, but web-cam captures the IR pretty well. I am planning to have two web-cams on the two ends so we can align the both ends simultaneously.

First end
Second End

Power drift: I noticed that there is substantial power drift over the tweezer. I made this video at 2.78 W, with the reflection out of air, so I was not using oil or the glass slide. This video is around 3 minutes long and the change is obvious. I am still investigating the issue because I strongly believe that this is not due to power.

Steve Koch 17:27, 26 March 2010 (EDT): I like the new tweezers alignment method with webcams! I don't quite understand what you're saying about the power fluctuations, but definitely something good to look into.