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OT alignment

  • Collimating the beam

Beam Collimation

Method:I used our regular CCD camera with 3+2 O.D. filters + 25mm lance at .10W. First I diverted the beam at 90 degrees with two mirrors after the telescope, and then I placed the camera on the rail in near far-field. I captured the image and move the camera about 60cms (far field) and captured the image again. I compared the spot size in the two images with the help of image-j. In far-field beam looks smaller so I made its size equal (increase) to near-field, through the center dial of the telescope. I came back in near field and check the size again, this time it was bigger, so made it equal (decrease) to far-field by using the eye-piece of the telescope. I followed the process iteratively until the beam sizes match in far and near-field. The results are presented below.


Beam in near-field at .10W; 6mm diameter
Beam in far-field at .10W; 6mm diameter
Comparison between near & far-field at .10W; 6mm diameter