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Beam Profile

  • Beam Profile at various powers
Spot at power below 3.5W

File:Profile horizontal ssecondorderfarfield6.tif File:Profile vertical ssecondorderfarfield6.tif

  • Beam Profile at power below 3.5W, is same horizontally and vertically and the intensity over the spot looks homogeneous. It looks like the TEM00 mode only.

Spot at power 4.10W

File:Profile horizontal ssecondorderfarfield6 at high power.tif File:Profile vertical ssecondorderfarfield6 at high power.TIF

  • Beam profile at power higher than 3.5W, is different vertically, so as the intensity over the spot. It looks like a combination of TEM00 and TEM01 mode. The presence of even higher order modes than TEM01 cannot also be denied.