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[[/Brief mode profiling of coherent compass laser]]
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==Beam Profile==
* Beam Profile at various powers
[[Image:Ssecondorderfarfield6.jpg|thumb|left|Spot at power below 3.5W]]
[[Image:Profile horizontal ssecondorderfarfield6.tif|thumb|left| Beam Profile horizontal at power below 3.5W]]
[[Image:Profile vertical ssecondorderfarfield6.tif|thumb|left| Beam Profile Vertical at power below 3.5W]]
* Beam Profile at power below 3.5W, is same horizontally and vertically and the intensity over the spot looks homogeneous. It looks like the TEM00 mode only.
[[Image:Ssecondorderfarfield5.bmp|thumb|left|Spot at power 4.10W]]
[[Image:Profile horizontal ssecondorderfarfield6 at high power.tif|thumb|left| Beam Profile horizontal at power 4.10W]]
[[Image:Profile vertical ssecondorderfarfield6 at high power.TIF|thumb|left| Beam Profile vertical at power 4.10W]]
* Beam profile at power higher than 3.5W, is different vertically, so as the intensity over the spot. It looks like a combination of TEM00 and TEM01 mode. The presence of even higher order modes than TEM01 cannot also be denied.
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