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Contact Info

Peter D'Adamo (an artistic interpretation)
  • Peter D'Adamo
  • Distinguished Professor, Clinical Sciences
  • Center of Excellence in Generative Medicine
  • University of Bridgeport Health Sciences
  • 115 Broad Street
  • Bridgeport CT 06604 USA

I learned about OpenWetWare from Internet, and I've joined because Interest in bioinformatics and computational biology..


  • 1982, ND, Bastyr University, Seattle Washington

Research interests

  1. ABO and ABH Secretor (FUT2) polymorphisms
  2. Nutrient influence on epigenetic regulation of gene expression
  3. Computational modeling of complex adaptive systems
  4. Graph topology and combiantorics as applied to genetic regulatory networks
  5. Genomic applications of Perl


  1. D'Adamo PJ, Kelly GS. Metabolic and immunologic consequences of ABH secretor and Lewis subtype status. Altern Med Rev. 2001 Aug;6(4):390-405.(
  2. Fundamentals of Generative Medicine (
  3. D'Adamo, PJ. The Non-transfusion Significance of the ABO Blood groups Textbook of Natural Medicine, 2005 Pizzorno and Murray, editors (Elsevier Publications)


  1. Datapunk Quodlibet (

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